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Gambling has not an uncommon term for many cultures around the world. Every culture had different gambling games which included games played through cards, numbers, coins and many more. With globalization, many gambling games and their versions which were localized have now been played by other countries, hence we find more variety of games to choose and play with. Similarly casinos today offer variety of games which include table, card and slot machine games. The Electronic gambling games are games that are played on electronic mechanical machines which became popular during the 1980s. Unlike other form of gambling games, here a dealer or player is not required; it is self operated gambling game.


Few Electronic Gambling games that is quite popular

One of the famous gambling games are slot Machines which originally were mechanical in nature, but later got colorful illustration and are now mechanical in nature. One of the games includes have combination of symbols and depending upon the probability of matching all symbols one gets to win the game. These days these games are also available to play in public places like station.

Video Bingo is another form of Electronic gambling machine. These machines are available in class I and class III formats. These games are popular in European countries. These machines generally are available in Latin Bingo style. These games have draw from seventy five balls, while The American Bingo has ninety balls.

Another form of electronic gambling game is Pachinko which is of Japanese origin. The game is quite popular in countries like Japan. The game is quite similar to pinball. The game is about triggering the balls to certain location of the game and then winning many balls which can be exchanged for prices. The origin of this game was mechanical but later it got converted to video slot form. It is seen as a leisure game than a game played for money.

With changing time, one can now enjoy the electronic version of most of gambling games by playing them online from online gambling sites like M88, where you get to enjoy the digitalized format of traditional gambling games.