Every Month Ayrex Offers A Trading Competition With Prize Money.

The online broker Ayrex has already been established on the German market for several years and offers its traders a wonderful trading competition every month. In this competition it is possible to compete against other traders and earn prize money of 3,600 USD once a month. Each week 3 rounds are offered, each lasting one hour. It is possible to check the current ranking on the net without any problems. In addition, there is a demo contest where 100 USD can be won in one hour and completely without a deposit being required.

How does the demo contest work with 100 USD chance of winning?

To participate in the contest it is necessary to register in advance via the Internet. Shortly thereafter you only have to wait for the competition to start. After action has been taken, it is possible to win. A few minutes before the start of the round there will be an email with all relevant information. After the countdown has started, the participants automatically take part in the betting round. The aim is to achieve more profit with a strategy than is the case with the competitors. As a result it is possible that 100 USD can be earned.

Who can participate in the competition at Ayrex?

The participation in the competition with the title “Binary Blast” takes place completely over the Internet and it is necessary that a demo account is opened. Prizes will not only be won by the first winner, but also by the eight winners who have won the most and whose account balance is highest at the end of the competition. The total value of the prizes amounts to 300 USD.

Only persons who are at least 18 years old and who have opened an Ayrex account may participate in the Ayrex competition. No fees or commissions will be charged for participation in the contest or registration. For the participation in the competition the users automatically receive a separate demo account, with which only the participation in the competition is possible. At the start of each round in the competition, the account balance is completely reset once. Participants can give themselves an artist name or a pseudonym if they wish to take part in the competition. In the end, this will also be published if they make a note among the winners. Each participant in the competition has a starting credit of 1,000 USD and can trade with it. A maximum of 500 USD may be traded per position in the portfolio. The goal is to have the highest account balance and to win at the end.