Premiere In Switzerland: Poker Is Now Also Played With Three Cards

In Switzerland remarkable things have happened in the last few days, because the Grand Casino Lucerne has launched a completely new poker variant with the “Easy 3 Card Poker”. The characteristic: Played with only three maps, so that it is a clearly faster and obviously also simpler variant than the well-known representatives to concern is.

since 22 May 2017 available

“Easy 3 Card Poker” is offered in the Grand Casino since 22 May 2017 and is to equally inspire professionals and inexperienced players. The reason for this lies above all in the easily understandable Pokerregeln, which might have internalized even beginners after a few play rounds.

Gespielt here always player against Croupier, whereby the Croupier acts also as Bankhalter and leads the play. With a Q on the hand the croupier can now qualify for the next round, where the cards of the players are compared with those of the croupier. This is complemented by additional winning opportunities within the game rounds.