Church Must Make Way For Casino

A curious parade recently took place in the American town of Springfield. No, the message has nothing to do with the Simpsons. There a church had to give way recently, so that a casino can open there in autumn 2018.

Church loaded onto trucks and transported away

In the American style the church was not demolished, but loaded onto a truck and moved to another place. This had already been decided in 2011, when three new licenses for casinos were issued in the state of Massachusetts. One of these licenses went to MGM Resorts International, which is now starting to build at the Springfield site.

475 tons of heavy monument transported 180 meters

The 130 year old building of the First Spiritualist Church had to make way for it. Since MGM guaranteed that it would respect the protection of historical monuments when awarding the contract, the church was loaded and transported away. The monument weighs about 475 tons and had to be transported about 180 meters. The casino company simply had to pay 800,000 US dollars for the complete implementation. Altogether MGM invests approximately 1 billion US Dollar in Springfield for the building of the casino according to medium reports.

A piece of history was preserved

It is only a building , said Reverend John Sullivan, which had preached nevertheless 26 years long in the church. “We are glad that it is preserved, so that we could preserve a piece of history along with the new MGM complex.”