Sunnyplayer: Secure Great Summer Deal

This summer is not only particularly hot from the temperatures, but is connected in the Sunnyplayer Casino also still with a completely special action. The offerer starts its large summer Deal profit play, with which the players can secure themselves until September a Jahresbonus.

To Sunnyplayer

1 year long 100 euro bonus each month

This summer becomes so correctly hot! Also with view of the Sunnyplayer summer Deal profit play, which runs up to 2 September. Each week the offerer draws by lots here a so-called yearly bonus, with which the players can receive an auxiliary bonus a whole year long.

This auxiliary bonus accepts a value of 100 euro and is transferred each month to the player account for playing. Altogether thus full 1,200 euro bonus wait, which are assigned to the lucky players in the weekly raffles. And thereby the customers can be already starting from a conversion of only ten euro in the respective week.

Now with Sunnyplayer play!