Japan: New Gambling Authority Planned

Gambling and the Asian countries are each a very special story in their own right. In China, for example, gambling is enormously popular, but within the country’s borders it is only allowed in Macau. In Japan, on the other hand, gambling is not so strongly anchored. But politics obviously wants to change that. The legalization of the gambling industry is currently being worked on at full speed, even though the population seems to be only partially enthusiastic about it. Nevertheless, it has now been announced that a new regulatory authority is to watch over the industry from 2020.

New regulatory authority is to start from January

In Japan, plans to legalize the casino industry are running at full speed. In March, the country had already introduced an amendment to the law that would allow casinos to become stationary in the future. A kind quantum leap in the Japanese politics, since the gambling played here in principle in the last decades at all no role. Probably in addition, by the strong incomes of other countries one decided oneself in Japan to rethink. The most recent step has been to announce plans to introduce a casino regulatory authority. This is to bear the name Casino Management Commission and go already starting from 7 January 2020 to the start. The CMC is to be responsible in the future for all land based Casinos in Japan. This includes on the one hand the control of the general conditions before the start, but also the ongoing monitoring of the business.

The new authority is to be composed at its head by a five-member expert committee. Exact names are not known here yet, these would have to be confirmed besides in the future only still by the parliament in Tokyo . Some hurdles are it thus still, before here at least on the executive floor names can be called. Meanwhile it is clear that the office bearers are to be active five at the most five years in their occupation. In addition, the Japanese have apparently also reconsidered the size of the authority as a whole. If first the speech was of 95 employees, the number is to have been increased meanwhile to 100 employees.

Much to do for the CMC

Even is safe that it will not lack the new authority certainly at tasks. The CMC will be entrusted in the first step with the responsibility to assign the licenses for three planned Casino Resorts . In this connection the authority must take the applicants from at home and abroad thus only once thoroughly under the magnifying glass and evaluate afterwards, which enterprises can present the best total concept. Beyond that the CMC is to call obviously a kind measure catalog into being , with which the guidelines for the responsible play for the Japanese market can be set up. The authority should also check the ongoing business of the companies – for example with regard to prevention, money laundering or corruption.

However, until the first steps can be implemented here, a little time will also go into the country. For its part, the CMC is waiting for the government to establish various principles to which the guidelines of the future gaming authority can then be oriented. In any case, it is not yet clear where exactly the resorts are to be opened.

Where should the resorts be located?

The fact that 100 percent suitable locations have not yet been found is largely due to the Japanese population. Since gambling has never been properly anchored here historically, many inhabitants are skeptical about a casino in the neighbourhood. Despite jobs to be expected, higher tax receipts and a stronger economy many mayors decided therefore already before the advertisement to do without a Casino in their district. These are supported according to an inquiry of Japan Times by a large part of the population. Thus the inquiry resulted in that more than half of the asked Japanese and Japanese inside could do without a legalization of the Casinos. After all, 30 percent stated that they would definitely support a casino – but not in their own community. Only 26.6 percent of respondents stated that they would support the legalization of land-based casinos. Again 63 per cent of these Zustimmer indicated besides that they would support a Casino in their district. The largest fear of the Japanese in connection with the Casino legalization lies therefore in the fear that the public security would worsen by the Casinos.

Gambling giants scratch with the hooves

Until to the final start of the Casinos might pass according to experts anyway still a few years. Thus it is estimated that here before 2025 no Casino will open its doors . First of all a suitable location must be found, whereby here nevertheless already a few metropolises are in the closer choice. That again directed the attention of numerous gambling giants to Japan. Rumor has it that Las Vegas Sands, for example, is very interested in Tokyo and Yokohama. Other industry giants, such as MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment or Hard Rock are obviously focusing more strongly on the locations in Osaka and Nagasaki. One way or another, there will be a tough race between the big names in Japan who all seem to see a chance for big business.

The Osaka location location is particularly well rated by experts . This is the third largest city in Japan, located in the Kansai region. More than 19 million inhabitants live in this region alone, which is a good 15 percent of Japan’s total population. In addition, the companies can look forward to a first-class influx of tourists here, because Kansai is a real hotspot. Alone 2017 were here more than eleven million visitors from overseas to guest . With a new Casino Resort this number might increase again. Experts expect so that the incomes in Osaka could amount to by the Casino Resort each year with more than five billion US Dollar.