The Bees Slot: Betsoft’S Busy Bees Gather Us To Riches

bees, what wonderful insects. Did you know that our entire ecosystem would be in danger if there were no more bees? I agree with you that for the good of all we must nurture these creatures in order to preserve our blue planet. Although there are many bee-themed slot machines on the Internet, they are certainly the best. Not least because of the many winning opportunities and the lovingly implemented theme, Betsoft has worked its way up to the top of bee vending. Is the bee honey ready? Then you can start now with the test.

Technical features

The Bees is a video slot machine with 5 reels and 9 payout lines that allows a maximum win of €2500. It starts with €0.02 bets, at the other end of the scale it’s €45. It’s certainly not a science to win big on this slot. Play high stakes and put the right symbols on the reels, then the winnings multiply like honey in a beehive. The Bees have symbols around the bee kingdom to match the theme. There we have naturally the bees, in addition, honey glasses, flowers and hives.

If experts read the name of the developer studio Betsoft, the first thoughts must read: Next generation graphics, 3D environments and loving animations. All this you search in vain at The Bees. The automat pleases itself as contrast program to the usual Design. The whole surface of the machine is two-dimensional, hand-painted and the animations don’t stand out either. But Betsoft has made an effort to capture the friendly, sunny setting of the game world in the design of the symbols. So this slot machine is perfect for a spring or summer day! Unfortunately Betsoft missed the point when it came to choosing the soundtrack. It doesn’t really fit the theme and is more like elevator music than an outdoor guitar concert.

bonuses and winnings

Betsoft also tries to please the players in The Bees. What could be better than to equip the game with great bonus features and wild symbols? Starting with the honey jars, which serve as scatter symbols, the winnings can shoot into sweet heights and make your playing tasty. There are also Wild Symbols that can further increase your winnings and the Swap feature allows you to swap two symbols. These features give the game the necessary depth and give you strategic options to have even more influence on the game.

Even if Betsoft with The Bees doesn’t just honey you around the mouth, you should give the busy bees a chance, because this little automat brings spring feelings into your life!